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                                                          Mikael   (pronounced Ma-Kyle)

Former lead guitarist with the famed Commodores, from 1995 – 2005, Mikael, aka, Michael Manley,

has earned many accomplishments over the years. When he was hired by the Commodores, he was never asked to audition. They heard him playing in a gig with a start-up group, and decided he was the person made for the role that had been vacated.

After a decade with the group, Mikael started to branch out on his own. From a very early album, In YA Pocket”, some of his arrangements were chosen as background music for the Weather Channel, where they aired for months.Two of his last CDs, “Grooveology (Prelude)”, and “Grooveology the Finale”, were awarded recognition for one  of the Top 50 Albums of the year(s), 2016 and 2017, by Channel. Mikael also received recognition for three of his musical arrangements, on, “Grooveology The Finale”, by the Global Music Awards Association (GMA).

Mikael’s name is well-known internationally and he can be found on multiple charts worldwide. When CEO, Sandy Shore, of, first heard his music she said it was, “Flawless”. Jeff Moses, CEO of, stated that, “Mikael’s music is both brilliant as well as stellar”. And one other accolade, from Angelo Petruzzi, CEO, of the Radio Indie International Network says, “I love all the music by Mikael”. These are just a few of the critiques from professionals around the globe.

He recently released the Remix of his single, “Trippin Over You”, a lovely romantic and sultry smooth Jazz composition, from his upcoming album, “Infinite Nu Jazz”. The full album will be finalized prior to May 3rd, where it will be announced in his upcoming campaign with We think his fans around the globe are going to love the sounds that he is creating. Stay tuned for more.

On March 9th, 2019, the GMA, Global Music Awards , association announced  Mikael, as a “Silver Medal Winner” for Outstanding Achievement in the “Smooth Jazz” Category for his arrangement of, “Trippin Over You”.  




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